Please note due to annual leave NO food service from 19th February 2020 until further Notice.



Mixed leaf salad with Boiled egg, peppers, red onion, tomato, cucumber, pickled beetroot, homemade coleslaw & grapes.

* ½ Roast Chicken, £12.95.

*Cold chicken breast £11.00.

*Cheese (mature) £11.00

* Ham, £11.00

*Prawns, £14.95.

Two Jumbo Pork & Beef Sausages, 2 eggs chips or fries & beans £10.95

12 Quorn vegan breaded Nuggets with chips & beans £12.95

*BBQ Full rack of pork ribs, chips onion rings & peas £14.95 *

* Ham 2 eggs, chips & peas £10.95.

* Rogan Josh with Rice & onion salad garnish lamb in a medium hot curry sauce with tomatoes, onion, coriander & spices£11.95 *

*vegan Red Thai Vegetable Curry with Rice & onion salad garnish a selection of vegetables in an authentic style sauce with coconut, red peppers, red & green chilli, garlic & Thai basil £11.95

*vegan Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry with Rice & salad onion garnish £11.95

& Naan & side pot of mango chutney £2.00

Slow cooked Tender Lamb Shank in Red Wine, Mint Gravy or just gravy with mash potato and vegetables £16.95.

Steamed Steak & kidney Pudding covered with gravy with mash Potato & veg £12.95.

*8 0z Sirloin Steak, with onions, chips, peas, tomato, mushroom & onion rings £17.95.

*12. oz. Horseshoe Gammon Steak with 2 eggs, chips, peas, tomato, mushroom & onion rings £14.95.

*Mushroom Risotto topped with non-dairy cheese topping & side vegetables

Hunters Chicken served with Chips & peas £12.95

(Bacon chicken cheese in bbq sauce)

Various ½ Roast Chicken Dishes £12.95

All Served with chips & peas

choose from Gravy or it can be cooked in

Peri Peri , Reggae Reggae

Or BBQ sauce 

Burger Meals

with Gourmet chips, coleslaw, salad garnish, mushroom & onion rings

Breaded Southern Fried Chicken Burger on iceberg & mayo £10.95

*8 oz. Beef Gourmet Cheeseburger* fried onions £11.95

*6 oz. Lamb & Mint Burger* on iceberg & mayo. £11.00

Quorn double vegan cheeseburger £11.95

Beetroot Red Pepper & Quinoa Burger £10.95 Made with beetroot, red pepper and quinoa, and coated in batter, crumb and seeds topped with non-dairy cheese topping topped with non-dairy cheese topping

Nacho Burger on iceberg & mayo, £10.95made with kidney beans, jalapeno, black turtle topped with non-dairy cheese topping bean, red pepper cheese and tortillas

Bad Boy Burger on iceberg & mayo, £10.95made with fresh lemongrass & lime leaf, mixed vegetables, coriander and chilli coated in a black onion, sesame and cumin seed crumb

Spiced Butternut Squash & Quinoa Burger £10.95

Butternut squash, onion, red pepper, spinach & quinoa seasoned with black pepper & chilli

Homemade Pasta Dishes with side salad

Beef lasagne £10.95

Macaroni Cheese £10.95

Vegetable Lasagne £10.95

Side of chips or skinny fries £2.00

Side Coleslaw £1.00

Side Garlic Bread £4.00

Free Range Cheese Omelette’s £10.95

With Chips & peas

Choose 1 filling

Mushroom, Ham, Onion, Tomato or Chicken

Omelettes, not available on Sundays


Breaded Plaice chips & peas & salad garnish £10.95

Breaded whole tail Scampi chips & peas salad garnish £12.95.

“Filled Jacket Potato”

With free optional side salad & homemade coleslaw

GF/ Cheese & Beans £7.50

Sausages & Beans £7.50

GF/ Tuna Sweetcorn & Mayo £8.00

GF/ Cheese & Red onion £7.50

GF/ Prawn & seafood sauce £8.50

GF/ Chicken & Ham& mayo £7.50

10-inch Baguette.

With a Choice of Side Salad & Home-Made Coleslaw

Or Chips/ skinny Fries

pickle available

Fresh Carved Ham £7.50

Cheese & Red onion £7.00

Tuna & sweetcorn mayo £8.00

Prawn & Seafood Sauce £8.50

Fresh cooked double jumbo Sausage & onion £7.00

Chicken & Ham& mayo £7.50

Samuels Rest

Tradition only on Sunday Roast.

subject to Availability.

Beef £12.95

Chicken breast £10.95

Lamb £13.95

Lamb Shank Roast £17.95

Pork Loin £10.95

vegan Nut Roast £10.95

Peanuts, almonds & walnuts with bulgar wheat, vegan cheese, carrots, onions & herbs

Quorn Plain Fillets £10.95 contains egg

All served with Roast potatoes stuffing and Yorkshires puddings vegetables and gravy

Young Children’s Menu

Not available for adults

Southern fried chicken burger & Fries £6

Whole Chicken Bites, fries & Peas £6.

Jumbo Sausage, fries, peas £6.

Breaded Scampi, fries Peas £6

Cheeseburger & fries £6.

Ham, Egg, fries, Peas £6.

Spaghetti Bolognaise and Cheese £6

Macaroni Cheese & Peas £6

Sunday Roast £7.95

vegan options

* gluten free on request*

You must let us know if you have Food allergies