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Samuels Rest

Tradition Sunday Roast.

subject to Availability.

Beef £12.95

Chicken breast £10.95

Lamb £13.95

Lamb Shank Roast £17.95

Pork Loin £10.95

Nut Roast £10.95

Peanuts, almonds & walnuts with bulgar wheat, vegan cheese, carrots, onions & herbs

Quorn Plain Fillets £10.95 contains egg

All served with Roast potatoes stuffing and Yorkshires puddings vegetables and gravy 


“Filled Jacket Potato”

with side salad & coleslaw

GF/ Cheese & Beans £7.95

Sausages & Beans £7.95

GF/ Tuna Sweetcorn & Mayo £8.50

GF/ Cheese & Red onion £7.95

GF/ Prawn & seafood sauce £8.95

GF/ Chicken & Ham mayo £7.95

10-inch Baguette.”

With Side Salad & Home-Made Coleslaw OR Fries / chips or both add £2

Fresh Cut Ham £7.50

Cheese & Red onion £7.00

Tuna & sweetcorn mayo £8.50

Prawn & Seafood Sauce £8.95

Fresh cooked jumbo Sausage & onion £7.95

Chicken & Ham mayo £7.50

Bar Snacks (not starters)

Soup of the day with 10-inch warm Baguette & Butter £5

Suitable for Sharing Warm Cheese & Jalapeno Nachos with Sour Cream Dip £8,95

Suitable for Sharing Warm Cheese Nachos side of Sour Cream Dip £7.95

10-inch Garlic Bread Baguette £4 add cheese for £1

Bowl chunky chips or Fries £5

Cheesy chips £6.00


Choose from the above selection

From £5 each



Mixed leaf salad, peppers red onion tomato cucumber, celery, beetroot, boiled egg, coleslaw & grapes.

* ½ Roast Chicken, £13.95. *

*Cold chicken breast £11.95. *

*Cheese (mature) £11.95*

* Carved ham, £11.95*

*Prawns, £15.95. *

Meat Dishes

Pork & Beef Sausages, 2 eggs chips or fries & beans £10.95

*BBQ Full rack of pork ribs, chips onion rings & peas £14.95 *

* Carved Ham 2 eggs, chips & peas £11.95.

*Lamb Rogan Josh, Rice, £11.95* with salad onion garnish & Naan & side pot of mango chutney add £2.00

*Lamb Shank Slow cooked in Red Wine OR Mint Gravy with mash potato and vegetables £16.95. *

Steamed Steak & kidney Pudding covered with gravy with mash Potato & veg £12.95.

*12. oz. Horseshoe Gammon Steak with 2 eggs, chips, peas, tomato, mushrooms onion rings £14.95. *

Homemade Pasta Dishes

Beef lasagne, & salad £10.95 add fries or chips +£2

Macaroni Cheese, side Salad £10.95 add fries or chips +£2

Vegetable Lasagne with side salad £10.95 add fries or chips +£2

A selection of ½ Roast Chicken Dishes

All Served with fries or chips & peas

choose from

Gravy £12.95

Peri Peri £13.95

Reggae Reggae £13.95

Or BBQ sauce £13.95

Free Range Cheesy Omelette’s £10.95

With Chips or fries & peas

Cheese & Ham

Cheese & Mushroom

Cheese & Onion

Cheese & Tomato


Breaded Plaice chips & peas & salad garnish £10.95

Breaded whole tail Scampi chips & peas salad garnish £12.95.

Burger Meals

with Gourmet chips, or skinny fry’s coleslaw, salad, onion rings & mushrooms

Breaded Southern Fried Chicken Burger on iceberg & mayo £10.95

*8 oz. Beef Gourmet Cheeseburger* fried onions £11.95

*6 oz. Lamb & Mint Burger* on iceberg & mayo. £11.00

Vegetarian Burgers Meals

with Gourmet chips, or skinny fry’s coleslaw, salad, onion rings & mushrooms £10.95

Beetroot Red Pepper & Quinoa Burger de with beetroot, red pepper and quinoa, and coated in batter, crumb and seeds

Nacho Burger on iceberg & mayo, made with kidney beans, jalapeno, black turtle bean, red pepper cheese and tortillas

Bad Boy Burger on iceberg & mayo, made with fresh lemongrass & lime leaf, mixed vegetables, coriander and chilli coated in a black onion, sesame and cumin seed crumb

Vegan Vegetable Curries

Vegan spinach Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry £11.95

Sweet potato with chickpeas red pepper and spinach in coconut curry sauce

thai Vegetable curry & rice £11.95 with salad onion garnish Naan & side pot of mango chutney +£2.00

vegetables in an authentic style sauce with coconut, red peppers, red & green chilli, garlic & Thai basil

all subject to availabilty prices may change slightly